Flea treatment for cats

How to get rid of fleas on my cat

Having addressed the first part of the process by treating your home, you must now treat
the star of the show, your cat.
Cute cat licking its paw. Relaxed and free from fleasFlea treatment for cats:
There are many flea treatment options for cats that may help prevent future infestations. Options include, flea combs, flea collars, flea sprays, topical treatments, tablet treatment etc. 

Whatever treatment plan you decide to follow, it is always best to start by;

• Putting all your cats bedding in the wash at high temperature (this is part of the house treatment)
• Bathing your cat thoroughly
• Deciding which treatment option to purchase

Bathing your cat

Cat looking unhappy to be having a bath

To be fair, bathing your cat may be a tricky experience compared to a dog. Few cats like water at the best of times, but they may tolerate it due to the feeling of being groomed with a flea comb, especially as they are feeling itchy.  Wash your cat as thoroughly as possible with a flea shampoo and use a flea comb to start ridding him of the hatched adult fleas immediately.  Flea combs are simple to use, begin at your cat’s head, comb both ears, down their neck, under arm-pits (legs), and near the tail. If your cat is a long-haired breed, then you may find it takes longer but persevere as every flea you kill is one less hopping on your pet and transferring into your home.

Grooming cat for fleas with combIf you find live fleas trapped in the teeth of the comb act fast to dispose of them by instantly pinching them and putting them/the comb if still trapped in the comb’s teeth, directly into a bowl of hot soapy water. (fleas die in the soapy water). Continue this for as long as your cat will cooperate!

TOP TIPs for Flea treatment for cats  If your cat is the sort to detest water, try soaking a towel in warm water and then wrapping your cat up in it / rubbing it over your cat to get him wet before applying shampoo. Most cats are happier with this scenario than a bath. To rinse it may be necessary to use a shower-head, be sure to always check the water temperature.

*IMPORTANT* Bathing and combing out fleas is a temporary measure. It will only remove fleas present at that time and not treat the overall problem. You must kill the fleas that are present on your cat right now, and also kill those that will hatch and hop onto him later if the cycle is not broken.

Of course you must make sure that if you have other pets that you treat them at the same time. For treatment advise for your dog click here and if you have young pets please make sure you read our section on treating young animals.



There are several topical insecticide products such as Advantage and Frontline that are excellent not only for getting rid of fleas but keeping them from returning by breaking the flea life-cycle. There are also several excellent tablet form flea treatments with amazingly speedy results. Products such as flea collars, flea powders for pets are also very good additional supporting weapons in the fight against fleas.


Topical Insecticide Spot Ons: 

Applying spot-on treatment to cat
(Some of the best are: 
Frontline, Advantage, Virbac Effipro, Beaphar, Eliminall, Flevox, Fiprospot)

• These products are highly effective and usually come in packs of three or six pipettes to enable regular, monthly doses  – essential to treating and preventing flea infestations.
• They are also very straight-forward to apply. You simply squeeze a small amount of liquid once a month to a small area of skin between your cat’s shoulders blades to ensure they cannot reach it to lick any off.  The liquid travels down your pets back and is absorbed through their skin.
• The best time to apply is whilst your pet is eating and distracted by food. 
*IMPORTANT* You will need to check the amount of topical insecticide to use on your cat as the size/ weight of your pet will impact the size of dose they require. This information is listed clearly on the outside packaging of every treatment pack and on instruction guide inside. If you don’t know your pets weight, just pop on your home scales and weigh yourself, then pick up your pet for a ‘cuddle’ and weigh both of you.  The difference is your pets weight.

Tablet form treatment: 

Comfortis flea tablets for killing fleas on dogs and cats and small animals(Some of the best are: Comfortis, Capstar, Program)

• There are several highly effective tablet treatments. A tablet based treatment like Comfortis will start to kill fleas within 30 minutes of ingestion and will kill 100% of fleas within 4 hours. It works for up to 4 weeks and is recommended for dogs with immediate flea relief needs.
• It comes in packs of 6 and is a chewable, palatable tablet that you can mix into your pets food. It rapidly kills fleas and prevents flea infestations on both cats and dogs for a full month.
• Comfortis chewable tablets are recommended for monthly use in cats 2 pounds or greater and kittens 14 weeks and older. (Mild side effects may occur, see the Comfortis website).

Most effective..

When deciding your treatments, the spot-on topical treatments and tablets really are the most effective way forward. Granted topical spot-on insecticides and/or tablets are not cheap, but they really do work and that surely is the most important thing. When first viewing the cost, just remember ‘you get what you pay for’ with flea treatments. Better to treat properly than a million times unsuccessfully, after-all who wants to share their home with fleas?

Most topical insecticides like Frontline or tablets like Comfortis recommend monthly usage but once you have broken the flea cycle in your home, less usage is sufficient – just be sure you are clear first and remember fleas can appear at any time from a variety of sources, the local neighbourhood cat may be friendly but can also bring unwanted visitors… so make sure you are protected!

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